Hello WorlD!

I am a professional freelance writer and passionate about Berlin, travels, and culture. This is my personal blog, only slightly related to my daily work.


When I moved to Berlin, my brother gave me this old analogue camera from our childhood. He said: “Take pictures”. And this is what I did. The camera was with me wherever I would go. Exploring the city and its variety is my most favourite thing to do. On a sunday, you can also meet me at Sisyphos. Whilst the pandemic though I stay mostly at home, dreaming of a world in solidarity, approaching Zero Covid.

OFF The Wall

I am a super normal person, and yet I live my life not the average way. I hope you can see that in my creative output as well. Take photography as an example. I like to experiment with different cameras, from analogue to phone to the fancy Sony model. It’s not about being super instagrammy chic or putting things into sellable formats. It’s about creating.


Being raised by a single mum, I was exposed to questions of emancipation and feminism early on. For a few years, I lived in a house project in Berlin, which is kind of an anticapitalist commune. I also got introduced into critical theory when I worked for a well-known philosopher in the field. To me, emancipation is to simply free yourself from anything that’s holding you back.

HiSTory, Philosophy and Other

Having studied history and philosophy, I am interested in the deep meanings of life. Why do we think, act and create a certain way? Nearly everything around us is a mirror of our culture and how we try to meet our needs. Specifically, I keep an eye on innovations, failed innovations, societal trauma and how we deal with times that have shaken us to the core. The corona pandemic is one of many crises worth to speak about.


One of my best life stories is that once, I solo-travelled to South Africa and fell in love with a sexy barkeeper who is into skateboarding and punk rock. He is the kind rebel I always searched for. Our holiday romance led to a long facebook friendship and ended up in a cute and intimate wedding four years after we first met. My now husband is South African and we speak English at home (my native language is German). This is why sometimes I blog in English. I want him, his family and friends to be included in this blog.